Do You Need To Replace Your Metal Roof?

Metal roofs have considerably fewer problems than traditional shingled roofs. However, some indicators of failure might appear at a certain point in the roof’s life. Rusty spots, leaks, and damaged places are among them. It’s critical to have your metal roof assessed as soon as possible if you feel there’s an issue.  A skilled roofer will diagnose the problem and give you professional advice on how to solve it. 


Metal Roofing Is A Long-Term Investment

Metal roofs are more durable than shingle roofs; they are a long-lasting solution for your home’s roof. They can endure up to 40 years or longer if installed correctly. Most of the time, metal roofs can fail due to poor installation. The majority of problems can usually be solved by correcting the problem areas; however, sometimes, you might need to replace them.


Usually, leaks are a warning that something needs to be addressed. Aside from that, unless there’s damage caused by an extreme force of nature, you shouldn’t have to worry about replacing a metal roof. However, issues like rust that has gone untreated, storm damage, and significant leaks may be beyond repair, requiring a complete metal roof replacement.


Signs Of Serious Problems With Your Metal Roof

  • Leaking: If your roof doesn’t seem to be draining correctly, it can cause leaks inside your home. Noticeable water stains on the ceiling are a sign that there’s a problem with your metal roof drain system.   
  • If there are cracks, chips, or chunks missing from the top surface, that means it has passed its useful life for protecting your home.    
  • If your roof seems to be flaking or curling up at the edges, this is a sign it has reached its maximum ability to deflect water, and it’s time for a new roof.
  • If you see discoloration or cracking around nails, this also means it’s time to replace the roof.    
  • Rusting: In some cases, existing problems can be fixed with a special product that prevents rust from returning. However, you’ll need to have your roof replaced in most cases.

When To Replace Your Metal Roof?

  • If it’s passed its lifespan.
  • When the damage exceeds what your roofer can fix. 


Your roofer could recommend replacing your metal roof if it has gone through its expected lifespan or the damage exceeds what he can fix. If you cannot afford to replace your current metal roofing entirely yet do not want to suffer from water leaks, then consider having some repairs done by a professional contractor who specializes in seaming patched holes and repairing damaged panels. 


Also, make sure to maintain regular inspections by your roofing contractor throughout the year to guarantee no further issues with your roof.    


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