Your roof is an important asset for your house, and it constantly needs maintenance to keep it well-conditioned. However, it is understandable if you have no idea which procedure to choose for your roof. Either repair it or work on an entire replacement. Find out some things that you have to consider before making a choice.

Quick Essential Things To Consider: 

  • Age 

Age is one of the essential variables to consider when determining whether it is time to repair or replace it. It will depend on the material of your roof. 15 to 25 years is the average duration of roofs depending on their quality and considering external conditions such as weather, pests, trees, and more. 

You can determine if your roof is old if shingles are curling, bald, sagging, blistering, or missing. In other circumstances, the roof can be sagging, covered with mold and other moistures. Depending on the size of the damage, you can replace those shingles or the entire roof; however, roof repairs are needed in minor circumstances. 

  • House Infrastructure

You can notice damages in your roof if you notice ventilation problems, punctures, holes, missing shingles, cracking, and blisterings. Also, there can be leaks around the chimney or pipe boot. Unless a professional decides to replace the roof, all these damage signals mean your roof needs repairs. Let’s check the benefits below:

Roof Repairs Benefits

Consider keeping inspecting and maintaining your roof because of the following benefits: 

  • Repairs increase the value of your house. 
  • Increase the lifespan of your roof.
  • Are cheaper than roof replacements. 
  • Faster than roof replacement. 
  • Eliminate pests, mold, and mildew. 
  • Prevents future huge damages. 
  • Improve energy efficiency.
  • Maintain proper ventilation. 

All these benefits reside in your money, time, and health for you, your family, and your friends. 

Both Services In One Place At Weatherford, Tx

Let professionals handle the decision for your roof! One Oak Exteriors are ready to replace or repair your roof in Weatherford, Tx. We will inspect your roof and offer you the best solution, as well as explaining and advising you every step of the way. We guarantee that your roof is in the best hands with our services. Do not wait until it is too late; keep you and your family safe! 

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