Replacing the roof may sound like an easy process for some people, specifically if you are a homeowner, and sometimes you may want to do it by yourselves. Can you do it? Of course! Should you do it? This is where it gets tricky. To answer the question you should also ask yourself, do you have the proper equipment? And, do you know exactly how to do it?

Roofing replacement is a complex service that needs more than just willingness to do it. Also, it is essential to consider that it involves risks that could lead to significant damage, either for you, your loved ones living in your house, your roof, and your house itself, that a non-specialized person cannot handle when working on it. Find out some conditions to think about before deciding to repair your roof by yourself.

Do It Yourself Tutorials

DIY websites may help confused people and make them believe that the processes of replacing and repairing roofs are as easy as they look on their videos, but it is not like that. During the process, you may encounter some other issues in the rook like leaks or mold, and you will not know what to do, or even worse, you may try something that can harm you.

Another factor is that the people who create this type of videos plan it and re-shoot it multiple times, but in your case, you only have one shot. It is also important to remember that not all the roofs are made of the same material.

You Need a Legal Permission for Roofing Replacement

Another factor to consider is that only licensed roofing contractors can handle those majors types of roofing projects. The license means that the person has the experience and training necessary to perform the job. Also, when licensed, you are bonded and insured, which means that you are protected if something happens during the process.

They are penalties for people who make significant and complicated changes in their houses without proper permission. Some of them are civil fines, stop and remove all the work that has been done. Saying this, if you are planning to replace your roof, you should better start looking for permission or a qualified contractor.

A Qualified Roofing Contractor is Better than Putting your Safety at Risk!

One Oak Exteriors is a professional, qualified company with many years of experience in the roofing industry, specially roof replacement. With us, you will not have to worry about working or getting a license and getting a contractor like us that counts on the proper and innovative materials and technologies.

Also, if the time is what makes you think about doing the project yourself, do not worry; we work taking into consideration your schedule, and we will make you part of the process. Nonetheless, we work together with insurance companies to be safe and avoid any inconvenience.

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