What To Do If Your Attic Is Exposed During A Roof Replacement

The last thing you want during a roof replacement is for your belongings in the attic to be damaged by rain, snow, or overall exposure to the environment. Finding top-notch roofing repair services is key to preventing such a catastrophe.


No matter how long you’ve lived in your house, whether it’s been months or years, you will eventually need to upgrade your home. Usually, the first thing homeowners ask when they need roofing services is if their attic will be exposed and how to protect their goods. 

This blog will cover a brief guide on what you can do to protect your attic during a roof replacement.

The Ultimate Guide To Protect Your Attic During A Roof Replacement


  • Most people keep big old furniture in their attic, and moving them to another room in their home isn’t easy. To prevent rain or snow from damaging them, you can cover them with tarps big enough not to leave room for water to come into contact with them.

Some roofing contractors offer this tarp or plastic service when replacing roofs.

  • If you have small items that can easily be removed from your attic, don’t hesitate to do it. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.
  • To prevent the small things in your attic from falling to the ground, you can put them on the ground in your attic; stuff like lamps, books, fragile decor, etc. Any items with high sentimental value should be put away, don’t take risks.
  • Your attic and roof should be your top priority. Don’t wait until your attic is flooded before you search for roofing services; there could be a lot more damage, and higher costs.

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