Commercial Roof Repair in Weatherford, TX

Commercial roofs need periodical repair even when they were properly built or installed. Their extent flat surface and general activities (heavy objects handling) make them prone to frequent repairs. 

Doing proper and prompt repair is vital to keeping your commercial building active, safe for customers and your staff. The image and reputation of your company rely not only on product and services but on the general state of your infrastructure.

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Types Of Commercial Roof Damages

Common damages on commercial roofs often result in: 

  • Water Damage: water leakage is seen as watermarks or damp patches, but they mean so much more. If not repaired, it can damage the roof structure. 
  • Moss and Mold Growth: Moss and mold can appear inside and outside your building’s ceiling and walls. It should be removed and revised promptly. 
  • Loose or Missing Flashing: Flashing is used on roof vents to divert water. When flashing is loose or missing because of strong winds, among other weather conditions.   
  • Sagging: Commercial roofs are built with a slope that allows water runoff. Despite this, sagging is not a desired description; thus, it strongly indicates the need for an expert roofing assessment.
  • Light Along the Roofline: roofs must be sealed to avoid leakage. Light coming through along the roofline, where the junction of walls and ceiling occurs, is a negative sign of damage. 
  • Age: If a roof has over 10 years since it was built, then it most definitely needs maintenance, repairing, or replacement. 

Repairing these damages as soon as they’re detected is essential to stop the damage from becoming extensive, and therefore, affecting your business and the safety of your customers and staff members.

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