6 Must-Know Answers To Common Metal Roofing Questions

When you start researching about roofing, some questions may pop up along the way. It’s common to be worried about what happens with your roof, how long it lasts, and other aspects. Luckily, we can answer most of the questions you may have.


Read below to find the answer to 6 common metal roofing questions. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn more about this material; use the information to make smart decisions and choose the right roofing solution for you!

  1. Can I Install My Own Metal Roof?

In most cases, the answer is no. Metal roofing installation is a specialized process thar requires professional training and experience to ensure quality results. Hiring a professional installer helps to ensure that your warranty will be valid if any problems with your roof arise.


Improper installation can void your metal roofing warranty and may even lead to water infiltration and other problems.

  1. Do Metal Roofs Fade?

The short answer is no. Metal roofs are made to last and typically do not fade or show signs of wear even after many years of exposure to the elements. In fact, metal roofing can actually improve in appearance over time as it weathers and takes on a natural patina.


It’s important to choose a high-quality metal roofing product if you want it to last for decades with little to no fading.

  1. Will Metal Roofing Rust?

Again, the answer is no. Properly installed metal roofs won’t rust as long as they’re made of corrosion-resistant material. However, if you live in an area with a lot of acidic rain or snow, you may need to have your roof coated with a protective finish to prevent it from rusting over time.

  1. Can You Walk On Metal Roof?

Yes, you can walk on metal roofs – but be careful! Walking or standing on the roof can cause damage and should only be done in emergencies. If you need to get up on the roof for any reason, use a safe ladder and take precautions to avoid slipping.

  1. Are Metal Roofs Loud When It Rains?

No, metal roofs are not typically loud when it rains. In fact, they can actually be quieter than traditional asphalt shingle roofs; this is because the raindrops hit the metal panels and roll off instead of bouncing off like they do with other materials.


However, if you have a lot of exposed metal on your roof (like a ridge cap or flashing), it may make a metallic sound when it rains.

  1. Do Metal Roofs Mess With Cellphone Reception?

Some people worry that metal roofs will interfere with cellphone reception, but this is not usually the case. While there may be a slight interference in some areas, it’s generally not enough to cause any problems.


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