Assisting Aledo, Texas with all roofing and exterior needs.
In Aledo, Texas, the exteriors of our homes and businesses work hard for us. Battling back against strong winds and rain, your roof and siding keep everything inside your building safe, including the foundations and supporting structures. When things go wrong from time to time, turn to us.  Looking for the best roofers in Aledo, Texas? At One Oak Exteriors, we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality roofing services.   One Oak Exteriors is your trusted source for all things roofing and siding in Aledo. From metal roofing to Hardie Board siding, we source the best materials and offer the installation, repair, and replacement services you need. Contact us at 817-580-7663 to learn more.


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About One Oak Exteriors

As a small, family-owned company, One Oak Exteriors isn’t just another business; we are part of the Aledo community. Our work is our chance to give back to the city we call home. As such, we take immense pride in the results we produce and always aim to overdeliver on our promises. 

We are prepared to take on roofing and siding jobs of any scale, whether residential or commercial. Our technicians arrive on-site with the materials and tools needed to complete the job quickly and efficiently. When you work with One Oak Exteriors, you get best-in-class service tailored to your needs.

Emergency roof repair services Weatherford, TX

Our Roofing and Exterior Services

Quality roofing and siding are essential to Aledo homes and businesses. When these aren’t perfect, there can be major consequences to the integrity of your building. One Oak Exteriors delivers top-notch exterior services to the Aledo community.

Residential Roofing

We don’t tend to think of roofs as eye-catching design elements, but the truth is that they tie your home together. Whether you need to boost curb appeal or fix a leak, our Aledo residential roofing services have you covered.

Commercial Roofing

Most commercial roofs need to fade into the background, providing the protection needed without detracting from getting business done. Our Aledo commercial roofing service ensures that if your roof is grabbing attention, it is for all the right reasons.

Emergency Roofing

Sometimes, a roof repair just can’t wait. Whether a storm has taken off a section of your roof or a tree decided to relocate to your living room, our emergency service is ready to address severe damage and prevent it from getting worse.

Roof Repair

Small problems can quickly turn into big ones if they aren’t remedied as soon as possible. Our Aledo roof repair company focuses on long-term solutions for residential and commercial roofing concerns.

Roof Replacement

Both residential and commercial roofs typically have a lifespan somewhere between 10 and 25 years. This means you will likely find yourself in need of Aledo roof replacement at some point. We can complete partial or full roof replacement depending on your needs.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofs are the longest-lasting roofing material on the market, and they are attractive and energy efficient to boot. Whether you have a new build in need of a roof or just want to make the switch, our Tilcor metal roofing is ideal for your project.


Siding serves to complete your home design while insulating and protecting your interior structures. One Oak Exteriors installs and maintains metal flush wall panel and Hardie Board siding.

New Construction Roofing

Property is an investment, and one you should protect with a high-quality roof. Our Aledo new construction roofing service covers everything from design to installation, delivering results that perfectly meets your needs.

To schedule service or a consultation, call One Oak Exteriors at 817-580-7663.