Residential & Commercial Roof Replacement in Weatherford, TX

Bringing new roofs to Weatherford and the surrounding areas.

Healthy, well-constructed roofs will often meet or exceed their standard lifespans. But at some point, all residential and commercial roofs will need to be replaced. 

We know; it’s the last thing you want to think about. However, with One Oak Exteriors on your side, the process of roof replacement doesn’t need to be a headache. Our roofer contractors work quickly, minimizes disruption, and works directly with your insurance provider, simplifying the process for you. If you’ve been wondering about roof replacement cost, contact us right away!


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Signs It’s Time for a Roof Replacement

It is difficult for Weatherford home and business owners to distinguish between needing repair and needing roof replacement. In most cases, the signs are the same, only differing in their severity. Indications that roof replacement might be needed include:

Water Damage

If moisture is entering your home or business through the roof, it’s a major problem. Small leaks can simply be repaired, but if the leak is large or the support structures have been damaged, partial or full roof replacement will be needed.

Mold and Moss Growth

Mold and moss don’t tend to pop up overnight. When they are present, it indicates you have ongoing water damage and likely need to replace some of your roof and support structures.

Light Along the Roofline

Any time light shines into your building along the roofline, it indicates that the roof itself is pulling away from the supporting walls. Even if all you can see is a pinpoint of light, it is likely the result of significant structural problems.

Loose or Missing Shingles

When caught early, loose and missing shingles need nothing more than simple repair. However, if they are damaged or missing for a long time, water damage to the underlying structures will accumulate, risking a cave-in.


Sloped roofs, like those typically found on residential buildings, should be a straight line at the ridge. Flat roofs, commonly seen on commercial buildings, should have a very slight slope for water control. Sagging, however, should never be present and indicates the support structures have been compromised.

Old Age

The lifespan for more roofs falls in the 10-25 year range. If a roof is near the end of its typical lifespan, there is a strong chance replacement is needed.

Residential Roof Installation Services

The roof is the crowning glory of every new build. While builders typically offer roofing services, we suggest you turn to a specialist for the best results. We install new roofs that exceed industry standards, utilize innovative materials and technologies, and compliment your home design. Benefits One Oak Exteriors brings to new builds include:

A Comprehensive Inspection

Our process starts with a detailed inspection. We will examine all parts of the roof and the supporting structures, creating a report of all issues we find and documenting them with photographs. Once done, we will explain our findings and recommendations to you.

Selecting Materials

To finalize our estimate, we will need to determine which roofing materials you want for your new roof. We offer a wide variety of options, including asphalt shingles and multiple types of metal roofing. Our experts will happily guide you to the best choice for your home or business.

Removing the Old Roof

Before we can install your new roof, the old one has to go. We can do this all at once or in sections, depending on the approach that best suits your building. For this process, we remove everything all the way down to the plywood.

Assessing the Old Wood

With everything removed, we finally get the chance to closely inspect the framing of your roof. If there is damage, this will need to be replaced as well. If this is the case, we will contact you, explain the situation, and update our estimate.

Placing Moisture Barriers

If the framing is in good shape, we will start the actual replacement process with an underlayment. This is a moisture barrier that goes over the entire roof. During this process, we also install flashing around items that protrude through the roof.

Installing New Roofing Material

At this point, the roof replacement process is nearly over. We install the roofing material you chose, which tends to go quicker than the other roof replacement steps.

Finishing Touches

Once the shingles or roofing panels are in place, it’s time to address smaller but very important details, such as ridge vents, gutters, and anything else needed to help your roof last for decades to come. Before we go, we clean up the jobsite and get your approval.

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