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Residential Roofing Services in Weatherford, TX

Offering top-quality Weatherford residential roof services.

A home isn’t complete without a high-quality, attractive roof. Our roofing contractors in Weatherford, TX offers all of the services you need, from installation to simple yearly maintenance. With One Oak Exteriors on your side, your home’s roof will always be in top shape. 


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Residential Roof Installation Services

The roof is the crowning glory of every new build. While builders typically offer roofing services, we suggest you turn to a specialist for the best results. We install new roofs that exceed industry standards, utilize innovative materials and technologies, and compliment your home design. Benefits One Oak Exteriors brings to new builds include:

Extensive Knowledge

Because roofing is our business, we know the ins and outs better than a general contractor.

Quality Materials

Because roofing is our business, we know the ins and outs better than a general contractor.

Lasting Results

We don’t want you to end up in a situation where your roof needs to be replaced in just a few years. Our team designs roofs meant to exceed standard lifespans.

Code Compliance

As roofing experts, we are always up to date with any changes to local, state, and federal code.

Residential Roof Repair

Even the best roof will encounter problems from time to time. Unfortunately, even small amounts of damage to your residential roof can have major consequences. 

In Weatherford, TX, you can expect to need residential roof repair about every three years—though severe weather can speed up that timeline. Remember that problems with your roof may not be readily apparent; if it’s been a while since your last inspection, you should schedule one now.

Residential Roof Replacement

No one wants to think about needing to replace their Weatherford home’s roof. However, the day will come, no matter the quality of your build. One Oak exterior’s roof replacement service is designed to be low stress for you as the homeowner. We minimize the downtime you experience and work directly with your insurance provider when needed.

Signs Your Roof Needs Help

The best way to avoid replacing your roof is to repair problems early on. However, it isn’t always easy to tell that something is wrong with your roof. If you spot any of the following signs, contact One Oak Exteriors immediately. 

Water Damage

Watermarks, mildew, and damp patches indicate there could be a problem with your roof. Keep in mind they don’t need to be near the roofline.

Mold and Moss Growth

Whether this is on the exterior of your roof or inside your home, it indicates you need a roof inspection.

Outside Light Along the Roofline

When light shines into your attic, it is a signal that significant damage has occurred.


Your residential roof should form a straight line along the ridge. If it is tilted or sagging, there is likely something wrong with the roof’s structure.

Loose or Missing Flashing

Objects in your roof, such as vents and chimneys, require flashing to divert water away. When this is loose or missing, water damage will occur.

Old Age

Most residential roofs last 15-25 years. If your roof has reached the two-decade mark, it is a good idea to get it assessed, even if there are no other signs of a problem.

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