Residential Roof Replacement in Weatherford, TX

Climate change, natural disasters, and other different situations may arise every year, and those circumstances could be potential threats to your house, especially your roof. The roof is an essential element to consider when those disasters appear, and you should be ready to replace it afterward.

Your roof is a barrier that daily prevents you from sun, snow, hail, rain, ice, branches, and debris. That is why, One Oak Exteriors is ready to replace your roof with our residential roof replacement service in Weatherford, TX.

Roof Replacement

People tend to be scared when thinking of requesting a complete roof replacement due to the time it takes to complete the job and the costs. However, in some cases, a roof replacement on your house is recommended, required, and a smart decision, and with One Oak Exteriors, the process is simple, quick, and without disruption.

Think about it, replacing your roof is a smart investment because you are making sure you, your loved ones, and your house, are safe and protected for another long period of time. Besides, with a new roof you will save money on many upcoming repairs, repairs that you will most likely have to pay for often if you keep your old, or already damaged, roof.

We work directly with an insurance provider, which is an extra benefit for your replacement because it could lower the cost of the service. The severity of the problem will determine whether or not you need a replacement.

You should consider the following circumstances to understand why you may need a roof replacement for your house:

The Age of Your Roof

Determining the age of your roof is essential because sometimes you do not even realize you already need a replacement to avoid adverse circumstances. It is easier for owners who build their buildings from scratch to figure out how old their roof is than for those who buy it.

Asphalt shingles last between 12-15 years, and other materials tend to have a longer lifespan. Also, some roofs could have experienced previous roof repairs over the existing roof; it is also a signal that you request a roof replacement service. 

Natural Disasters

After natural disasters, roof replacement is a must; even though the damages are not that big or notable, they are most likely there. You may notice leaks, damaged shingles, or hail damage; those can be repaired but a complete replacement will keep you safe if another disaster arrives. Replacing your roof will prevent any harmful and significant damages to the rest of your house.

For severe natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornados, and more common ones such as a tree falling on your roof, you should not think twice; a roof replacement should be your first choice. Moreover, when working with us, you will not have to worry about costs, since we work with insurance companies to help you find financial solutions depending on the cause for the roof replacement.

Easy Roof Replacement With One Oak Exteriors by Your Side 

We are located in Weatherford, TX, and we offer professional residential roof replacements for your house. We exceed industry standards by using top-notch materials and tools to provide you with the best roof and service as possible.