New Construction Roofing in Weatherford, TX

Topping off Weatherford properties with best-in-class roofs.

When investing in new construction, you want everything to be perfect—especially the roof. Tasked with protecting all other elements of your building, your roof plays a critical role in the health and integrity of your new build. 

Don’t leave this to general roofing contractors. Instead, turn One Oak Exteriors, your Weatherford roofing experts. We offer our guidance on roof design, source all the needed materials, and construct the ideal roof for your home or business. Trust our roofing company and get the security you need!


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When you build your dream home, you want perfection. The last thing you expect to encounter is a major roof repair or replacement shortly after moving in. Our residential roof construction service is tailored to the needs of your home and designed to last long-term. We will source the materials that best meet your design goals while taking steps to ensure your roof is strong from support to shingles. 

You want your commercial building to have a roof that offers the protection your customers and clients need while fading into the background, keeping your business front and center.  We work with all types of commercial roofs, including flat and pitched roofing. Ourroofing contractors understand the ins and outs of commercial roofing, including load-bearing limits and code compliance. 

Key Facts About New Construction Roofing

It Isn’t the Same as Roof Replacement

With roof replacement, you often keep some of the basic structures of the roof. New construction creates these and all other roofing elements for the first time. We install the framework, underlayment, and roof covering.

A Good Roof Requires Fine Tunning

It is easy to assume that roofs are pretty much all the same, just adjusted for the size and shape of the building. This isn’t the case. During the planning stage, we analyze your home to determine the best roof type and system, including the deck, insulation, and covering.

Removing the Old Roof

Before we can install your new roof, the old one has to go. We can do this all at once or in sections, depending on the approach that best suits your building. For this process, we remove everything all the way down to the plywood.