6 Questions To Ask A Metal Roof Contractor

As metal roofing becomes more and more popular, metal roof contractors are popping up everywhere. Having a metal roof professional replace your metal roofing is the best thing you can do for your home or commercial building.

 When choosing a metal roof contractor, keep these questions in mind:

How Long Have You Been In Business?

Metal roofing professionals should give you an idea about when they started their metal roof company and how long metal roofs have been a part of their business. Experience is vital in finding a reliable roof contractor.  

Are You Insured?

This question is very important because it covers your liability workwise. Usually, most metal roofers must carry general liability insurance so hiring someone without metal roofing insurance is very risky. Make sure they have it.

Are You Metal Roofing Licensed?

This question can help you make sure they have the necessary qualifications to perform the job. Make sure to double-check with your local metal roofing licensing companies.

Can I Speak To Some Of Your Previous Customers?

A trustworthy metal roof contractor will encourage their clients to talk about their experience and refer at least a few people to you.

What Metal Types Do You Specialize In?

The first step to finding the right metal roofing contractor is determining what metal roofs they work with. If you’re interested in a standing seam metal roof, then make sure that’s one of the options on their list. 

What Kind Of Warranty Do You Provide?

Good metal roof contractors will typically provide a manufacturer’s warranty on all new metal roofs that they install, and they’ll also provide a warranty on installation for different roofing systems.

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