How Insurance Companies Can Upgrade Your Roofing From Shingle To Metal

When your insurance claim for a full roof replacement is approved, the insurance company reimburses you for repairing your old roof to its original condition. However, your roofing contractor can upgrade your roof to an improved version.


Metal roofs offer many benefits over traditional shingle roofs. Here’s how insurance companies can help make the switch easy for homeowners.​

Insurance Claims & Roofing Upgrades

First and foremost, your insurance company will not pay for your upgrade, at least not in total. There are a few misconceptions about this opportunity since insurance policy terms and conditions vary from insurance company to company. However, some insurance policies can help you upgrade your roofing system for a fraction of its actual cost.

Making The Most Out Of Your Insurance Claim Process

Depending on your policy, the only thing you’ll have to pay is your deductible when submitting an insurance claim. That’s why it’s an excellent time to upgrade to metal roofing and get some money off.


If you decide to upgrade your shingle roof, you’ll pay out of pocket to cover the difference. When you only pay for a fraction of the actual cost, upgrading is a lot easier (and affordable) than it would be for a regular roof replacement.

Advantages Of Upgrading From Shingle Roofing To Metal Roofing

Metal roofing offers numerous advantages when compared to shingles. They’re long-lasting and durable, making them an investment worth making. Here are some of the most relevant aspects you can take into consideration.


  • Long-lasting investment: Metal roofing systems have an estimated lifespan of over 60 years. Shingles can only last up to 20+ years with yearly maintenance. Metal roofing could last up to 50+ years, thanks to the quality of installation, building properties, and mild climate conditions.
  • Maintenance: Metal is a non-absorptive material, meaning hail, water, and organic debris slide off its surface easily, requiring minimum maintenance investment. Shingles’ absorptive properties make them prone to rot and decay, causing frequent leaks and other costly repairs.
  • Eco-friendly: Most metal roofing materials come from renewable sources, reducing our carbon footprint at home. Shingles, especially asphalt shingles, can release toxic substances into our property season after season.
  • Energy efficiency: Metal roofing reflects the sun more efficiently during summer and offers improved heat retention during winter. Shingles absorb most heat during summer and lose heat during winter, requiring double the insulation as metal roofing does.


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