Metal Roof 101: 3 Unique Winter Benefits 

Metal roofs are very durable, and homeowners can expect their residence or business’ roof to last much longer than traditional shingle roofs. Metal will not decay and will retain its appearance for decades, lasting 2 to 3 times longer than asphalt shingles.


Metal roofs have several advantages during the winter months. The personal and commercial owner will appreciate the benefits of having a metal roof installed over their home or business. 

1) They Provide Insulation

A metal roof system, when properly installed, is a great insulator and a way to lower your electricity bills. It will keep your home warm in winter and cold in the summer. It prevents temperature variations between the attic and the outside air, preventing condensation from forming in the attic, lowering insulation value. 

2) Can Be Installed In Any Weather Condition

Besides being highly durable and able to withstand harsh weather conditions, metal roofs can be installed in any weather condition. Other roofing systems require particular precautions and cannot be installed in winter months; not the case with metal roofing.

3) Avoid Structural Damage  

In places where it snows a lot, rather than the snow weighing it down and jeopardizing the structural integrity of the roof, heavy snow slips off the roof because snow is shed by metal. 


Ice dams are less likely to occur in a metal roofing system. Gutter heating cables are also easily compatible with metal roofing systems, helping prevent potential damages that may cause leaking and flooding. 

Metal Roof, An Excellent Choice You Should Consider

Metal roofs are quickly becoming increasingly popular. They are durable, reliable, unique, and come in colors that can enhance the exterior appearance of personal homes or commercial buildings. There are other customized options to fit personal preferences.


Metal is also recyclable and environmentally friendly. People who want their residence or commercial building to be sustainable should consider using this material during construction.

Work With The Metal Roof Experts

If installed by professionals, metal roofs can be installed all year round. Not to mention, they will guarantee their installation without compromising their quality.


At One Oak Exteriors, we offer all the metal roof services you require. If you want your home to stand out in the neighborhood or your commercial building to be different from your competition, give us a call. If you have any questions regarding metal roofing installation and benefits, we’ll gladly answer all your doubts and provide you with an estimate for our services.