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The Essential Guide To File A Roof Insurance Claim

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When you start having issues with your roof, it can feel like the entire world is crashing down on you. Dealing with insurance companies, collecting all the information, and filing the claim can be difficult.

But you’re not alone. By following these tips, you can walk this process and get through it successfully.

4 Tips For Filling A  Roof Replacement Insurance Claim

At some point, every residential roof will need to be replaced. While most homeowners have insurance coverage for at least a portion of the cost, filing a claim can be complicated and time-consuming. To help make things go smoothly, here are 4 tips you should know before filing a roof replacement insurance claim:

  1. Don’t wait for too long: As soon as you notice damage to your roof, look for an expert to conduct a more extensive search and identify the repairs that need to be made. The sooner you get started, the sooner you’ll be able to get your roof replaced.
  2. Know what your policy covers: Before starting the claims process, it’s important to understand your residential roofing policy. Most policies will only cover damage from an act of nature or a sudden event, such as a storm or hail damage. However, if your roof simply needs repairs or maintenance due to its age, standard home insurance policies won’t cover the cost of replacement. 
  3. Document everything: Take pictures or videos of the damage to your roof and any estimates or repair bills you’ve already incurred. This will make it easier for your insurance company to process your claim.
  4. Hire a professional roofing contractor: It’s important to hire a reliable roofing contractor. A good & experienced contractor in all aspects of roof replacement. In addition, a professional roofer will be familiar with local building codes and regulations, ensuring that your new roof meets all requirements.

Get Your Roof Insurance Claim With One Oak Exteriors

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