The Most Efficient Way To Keep Your Metal Roof Shining

Think about the last time you drove down a street with nice houses. At least one of them likely had a shiny metal roof. Then you get home and look at yours; it seems different. Surely not as nice. Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why? There’s probably a simple answer.


Like any other type of roof, metal roofing requires regular maintenance to stay in good condition. And when was the last time to clean it?


If you want to return your metal roof to life, read this blog post and find the best tips for keeping your metal roof in top shape.

4 Tips to Give Proper Maintenance To Your Metal Roof


  • Clean the gutters often: Leaves and debris can block the way for water, leading to corrosion and possible leaks in your home. 
  • Inspections: Check your roof regularly for any damage, such as loose screws or missing caulk. These problems should be fixed as soon as possible to prevent further damage.
  • Trim trees: Untrimmed trees near your metal roof can cause severe damage, such as falling limbs or branches and bushes rubbing against the roof’s surface, damaging its appearance. 
  • Remove debris: Leaves, twigs, and other organic material can hold moisture against the metal, leading to corrosion. It can also provide a home for pests like rodents and insects.


These all sound like tedious tasks you don’t want to repeat. Cleaning your house is already a demanding job, so why to add the extra stress? Don’t worry. There is a way to solve it and ensure your roof stands out from the rest and lasts longer. What is it? Calling a roofing company.

Your Roof Will Never Look Bad Again

At One Oak Exteriors, we’re proud to serve the people of our community. We provide the highest quality residential roofing services, ensuring that your metal roof will always be in good condition.


We know how to properly take care of metal roofs so that you don’t have to worry about leaks or other damage. We also offer many other roofing services, installation, repairs, and inspections. So, if we find anything out of the ordinary when doing roof maintenance, you can also count on our capacity to solve it. We’re here to help you prevent problems before they even start!