Types Of Metal Roofing: What Homeowners Need To Know

Metal roofs have been in the roofing industry for many years. This widely-known roofing system is a great option for commercial properties and has become a great candidate for residential roofing as well. Due to advanced technologies, metal roofing is no longer that old-fashioned tin roof you might be thinking of. 

Metal roofing has gained more popularity due to the various options available depending on the customers’ needs. Keep reading this article to learn more about this great roofing choice for property owners, the different metal roofing systems, and the materials available on the market.

Choose The One That Fits Your Needs, Design, And Roof Structure

Standing Seam Metal Roof

Often installed in residential and commercial properties, standing seam is a high-quality metal roofing panel with vertical legs and a flat area. The vertical legs are raised seams that rise above the level of the flat area. This metal roofing system has concealed fasteners and can be attached to the roof deck or fastened to the deck under its fastener flange as part of the installation process.

There are many benefits and advantages property owners can get with this type of metal roofing. Some of them include:

  • High longevity and life cycle
  • Industry-standard testing 
  • Superior warranty options by manufacturers
  • Thicker gauge metal
  • Available for low-sloped roofing 
  • Energy-efficient solution
  • Freedom of design 

Exposed Fastener Roof

Exposed fastener panels are a great choice if a property owner is looking to get most metal roofing benefits without spending as much money. Exposed fastener metal roofing systems are the most cost-effective type of metal roofing, and they are installed over solid decking. Fasteners penetrate through the metal panel into the structure to get attached.

Fastener panels usually come in standard sizes. Often, roof areas require a smaller amount of panels and also less labor during the installation process. With this cost-effective metal roofing system, you can get many benefits and deliver reliable performance. 

Some advantages include:

  • Cost-effective metal roofing option
  • Lightweight 
  • Wider panels
  • Easy installation 
  • Good performance and longevity

Stamped Metal Roof

Stamped metal roofing is another great choice to provide a specific roof design to match any architectural structure by using a stamped metal roofing system. Stamped metal roofs come in small pressed panels to resemble the look you may be looking for. Whether it’s shingles, tile, shake, or slate, this four-way interlocking metal roofing system can help you provide that aesthetic.

Stamped panels are considered a premium roofing material. Most of them are made from pre-painted PVDF- coated steel and aluminum. Some advantages you can get with stamped metal roofing include:

  • Allows for clean and simple flashing
  • Longevity
  • Provides traditional aesthetic
  • Suited for re-roofing over another roofing material
  • Energy-efficient roofing solution

Top Metal Roofing Materials On The Market

When it comes to metal roofing, the first thing that comes to mind is “steel,” but it goes beyond just this metal. Here are the most common metal roofing materials used in the industry depending on factors such as location and environment.


Long-lasting material, lightweight, and highly resistant to saltwater and corrosion. It is also an energy-efficient material.


Tin is usually referred to as steel. This material is no longer used in metal roofing.


Metal or steel comes in different finishes and is the most commonly used for metal roofing. It comes in three variations: galvanized, weathering steel, and galvalume that can be painted in various colors.


Highly expensive metal roofing material still is extremely long-lasting and has the lowest melting point. Easy installation process to add appeal and protection right away.


Soft, long-lasting metal roofing material with a low melting temperature. Mostly used for decorative touch-ups rather than for entire roofs due to its natural patina. 

Ready To Start Your Metal Roofing Project?

Now that you have gone through each one of the most outstanding metal roofing types, you may be wondering about making the final decision. You know, sometimes it’s better to get backed up by professionals when it comes to important decisions in life. That’s why One Oak Exteriors is ready to guide you through the whole process of a successful metal roofing project. 

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