Metal roofs are popular because they’re durable, reduce energy costs, and are long-lasting. Metal roofing can be made from many different types of metals. For the metal roof you want installed on your home or building, you can choose any metal that fits into your budget or building codes.


6 of the most common materials used in metal roofing are galvanized steel, Galvalume®, aluminum, zinc, copper, and titanium. Each of these metals has certain qualities that make it advantageous for specific uses.


#1 Galvanized Steel

Galvanized steel is the most common metal used in a roofing system. It’s made by coating an inner layer of steel with zinc to protect it against corrosion. This coating aids in extending a steel panel’s life and slowing corrosion. After the steel has been coated, it’s cooled and then sent to a pickling line where hot water removes any excess zinc from the exterior surfaces. Crude steel will rust over time, requiring additional coatings to become effective.


#2 Zinc

Zinc is the second most prevalent metal in use for roofing. Zinc’s ability to withstand corrosion, rust and extreme weather make it an attractive choice. Zinc roofs are found on historic homes across the country – including the U.S Capitol building – because of their durability against harsh weather conditions like hail and snow. The material also provides excellent fire resistance when compared to asphalt shingles.


#3 Aluminum

Aluminum is the traditional choice when it comes to metal roofing products. Aluminum roofs come in many styles – standing seam, corrugated, etc. – but are typically known for their sleek appearance and durability over time. Aluminum also provides excellent fire resistance.


#4 Copper

Copper roofs have many similar qualities to zinc roofs but are more expensive due to their material cost per square foot. Copper roofs are typically guaranteed for 50 years or longer, making them an excellent long-term investment for homeowners looking to maximize the value of their homes. Like aluminum and roofs, copper lasts a long time without losing strength, color, or quality.

#5 Titanium

Titanium is one of the strongest materials used for roofing applications, making it an excellent choice where extreme durability is required. Unlike most roofs which lose their flatness over time with exposure to weather conditions, titanium’s unique chemical makeup gives it a corrosion resistance that actually strengthens during use and exposure over time. It’s naturally abundant and comes with a high recycling rate and low environmental impact.


#6 Galvalume

Galvalume® is a metal roofing material composed of steel and aluminum. It was introduced in the late 1980s to upgrade traditional steel roofs. Galvalume® offers several advantages over steel, including improved corrosion resistance, recyclability at the end of its long lifespan, increased light reflectivity, and better color retention. The product can be recycled indefinitely with no loss in quality or properties.


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