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Install High-Quality Standing Seam Panels

Interested in investing in a roofing project but don’t know where to start? At One Oak Exteriors, we provide the highest quality standing seam panels for your home. Our standing seam panels are part of the metal roofing types we offer. We guarantee your roof will look stunning since we have various colors and textures that can match your property’s structure. 

Our standing seam metal roofing installation and services adhere to the highest manufacturer standard practices to provide you with the outstanding resistance properties that this popular metal roofing type has to offer.

What Are Standing Seam Panels 

Standing seam panels have vertical legs and a broad, flat region between the two legs. The fastener is hidden in these seams, regardless of whether the panel is clipped to the roof deck or directly affixed to the decking material under the vertical leg with a fastener flange. 

There are four types of seams in the roofing market: snap-lock, mechanical, batten panel, and nail/fastener flange. 

What To Expect From Our Standing Seam Panels

  • Multiple Options And Colors To Complement Your Home

At One Oak Exteriors, we offer you multiple colors to complement your home’s architecture.  We know that your home is an expression of who you are, and standing seam panels offer you the perfect opportunity to showcase your unique style. Our standing seam panels come in a variety of colors so that you can find the perfect one for your home’s aesthetic.

  • Durability – From 50+ To 70 Years

Our standing seam panels are one of the most durable metal roofing options on the market. They can last anywhere from 50 to 70 years or more (depending on maintenance), making them a wise investment for your home. We also offer standing seam roofs for commercial buildings since property owners require their roofs to last longer without so much maintenance.  

  • Superior Protection To Resist Extreme Weather Conditions

Our standing seam panels at One Oak Exteriors are an excellent metal roofing option because they provide superior protection against extreme weather conditions. The seams are raised above the panel’s surface, which helps prevent water and snow from accumulating on the roof. 

This makes standing seam panels ideal for those who live in areas that experience severe weather conditions, such as hurricanes or storms. Standing seam panels are also resistant to hail, which can dent and damage other types of roofing systems. 

Hire The Best Roofing Contractors In Texas

Standing seam panels are the best metal roofing option because they offer many benefits that traditional roofing systems can’t. Metal standing seams provide a beautiful exterior finish and will last for years without needing to be replaced constantly. 

Looking for a metal roofing company? Interested in standing seam panels for your roofing system? At One Oak Exteriors, we pride ourselves in offering the highest quality standing seam panels! We guarantee you can trust us with your roofing project! 

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